Sarah’s Tea Cup Pugs Reviews - Sarah’s Tea Cup Pugs Scam or Legit

Bruce – Apr 27, 2020

I was going to get one from Sarah’s Tea Cup Pugs. But after being told they only receive payments by Western Union, Money Gram or Walmart I decided to check them out because I got the feeling something wasn’t right. Also look under Sally Tea Cup Pugs. They are the same, so don’t send money to them either. 4/26/2020

Meghan – Apr 20, 2020

This is a scam. I send $580 and was told I would be sent delivery details. I have. Received nothing. Do not fall for this. Am in the process of trying to see if I can get money back.

Taylor – May 06, 2020

U get your money back?

William – Apr 20, 2020

Total scam-The phone number was 2134191752.
Pissed, luckily I didn’t send any money

Carrie – Apr 17, 2020

After getting a strange feeling from these people I googled if it was a scam. Glad I did. They were so willing to reduce pricing as well and ship regardless of COVID situation. Please see attached some of the emails. When I figured it out I began to ask more questions. When I asked for proof of the puppy by a picture with today’s date on it you can see the strange screen print I received. That’s when they said I asked too many questions. Don’t fall for this!

Nathaniel – Apr 16, 2020

Was contacted by “Sarah” after filling out form that I was interested in buying a tea cup pug. Had pretty consistent communication with her over email and texting, although never spoke to her on the phone. She said she would shop the dog but I said I would rather drive the two hours to pick up the dog and then she said they were trying to keep distance from everyone bc of the corona virus so I suggested a no contact pick up plan and she agreed and sent me the address. I told her I would be able to come the upcoming weekend and she said she couldn’t hold the dog until then (2 days) and could I come tomorrow so I called off work drove up there and when I got there it was a man who informed us it was a scam and has had tons of people showing up at his house for a while for the pugs but there are no pigs and no one named Sarah that lives there. Luckily I hadn’t sent any money so didn’t lose anything except my time and some gas but still. It was very disappointing

Erin – Apr 14, 2020

They claim to be a Breeder from VA but says they can ship. I chose not to do that but would rather drive the 3 hours to VA. When I got there it was an man with no pugs. He has been dealing with random people showing up since November due to these scammers. Luckily the only thing I lost was $35 in gas. They were asking for $460 for the girl.

Christopher – Apr 15, 2020

Hi I just saw this post Imbin contact with that person through email and they said to pay half now and half when i pick up puppy at the airport. Did you have contact through email or phone number I wanted to see if it’s this same person so as for now I’m not gonna buy puppy. [email protected] thank you.

Devon – Apr 11, 2020

Victim Location 16001

Total money lost $580

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website claims to be a breeder of tea cup pugs, and we purchased a dog from them wired the money and did not receive the puppy and even involved a scam pet moving company to handle the flight for the dog.

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