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Danny –

Victim Location 13088

Total money lost $746

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a warning to anyone trying to purchase NFL tickets.

Beware of craigslist resellers – check the BBB for potential scams.

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Here are scam details with actual email snippets

While there were flags that raised suspicions, the "value" of the purchase and supposed professionalism of the sender led me to trust this as a legitimate offer.

Very legitimate looking ad:

Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks Tickets – $240 (CenturyLink Field)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks Tickets

Sunday 9/08 1:05PM

Section: Club 235

Row: E

Seats: 5-8

Tickets 4 for $840 or $240 each

Instant delivery/Mobile Ticket!

Authenticated NFL Tickets

Serious Inquiry Only !

Email me for more ticket info !

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

post id:6965515127


me: tickets still available?

scammer: I’ll just need your email address to send more information! Thanks

me: Are tickets still available ????

scammer: Yes! What’s your email address? Will email you directly with details. Thanks

me: this is my email

scammer: This shows a Craigslist email! Ticket information won’t deliver here. If you can provide me with the email address you are using would be perfect.

me: can I call or text you ?

scammer: I can answer any questions here via email!

at this point, I reply with an email I created for this

shortly after, a new email chain is started with "Sarah Adams"

scammer: Hello, I have 4 Seats available! These tickets will be transferred directly to your email via my Seahawks account to download and scan on your mobile device. How many would you like? Please let me know if seriously interested! Thanks 🙂 Seats 5,6,7&8 ready for transfer, Sarah Adams

Checking TicketMaster, these seats currently sell for $759 ea plus fees (CLB235row H seats 5-6) – WOW !

Or so I thought (FLAG 1 – if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is)

NEW FLAG ??? – too good of grammar and spelling – everything was correct (use and spelling), but formal. T his made me think the person was a professional blogger or from another country (use of "Kindest Regards" below).

conversation continues…

me: yes, can i buy all 4? would you take $800?

I always get mad at replies to craigslist ads that try to low-ball me. It is a marketplace, but come on. If this was me, I would politely thank the low-baller, and not sell it to them. But look at the scammers reply.

scammer: I can do deal 4 Seats $800.00 total if you are ready to purchase today! Please let me know.

Should’ve been another flag – deal today, or lose out.

me: please confirm seat location

scammer:Section: Club 235 Row: E Seats: 5-8

me: awesome, yes, how do we make this deal?

scammer: I can accept payment via IPhone Apple Pay or PayPal! Which works best for you? Will proceed to provide you with payment information/instructions. Your tickets will be available immediately following payment completion!

me: paypal works for me

The promise of a quick turnaround that never comes. The scammer requests that we "send money" using "Pay or send money" in PayPal, and choose send money to family. This action costs the sender (you and me) 2.9% of the transaction. Ok, still a great deal. The request to send money to a friend or family via PayPal should also have been a FLAG. PayPal called immediately after the payment was made to verify that the transaction was requested. We just wanted tickets, so of course we said it was requested. They received the money according to PayPal

scammer: Did you receive payment instructions? Please let me know. Thanks

me: I have made payment, please send tickets

That was the last communication

I used another email to start the conversation again with the "SAME" tickets… same back and forth, but no money sent. Silence from the scammer.

Craigslist has a feature to "see other ads by reseller". There must’ve been over 100 ads for Seattle Seahawks tickets. This is a real problem. Awareness and a cautious approach is the best advice. I personally have had great success with selling and buying on craigslist. This is a blemish on the free market environment that craigslist tries to create.

Please report these scams to the BBB.

PayPal page on how to send money:

craigslist has a page on how to avoide scams

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