Samuel Boko

Edwin –

Victim Location 10031

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Hello – The person that will email you saying you have been approved for a loan will go by the name of Darren Hester and will email you from a fake account ([email protected]). He will than send you a fake loan application with the company names CNASH FINANCIAL, INC. The loaner will than say he needs a fee of 200.00 dollars to be western union in order to proceed. He than will state to wire the money to Ashley Hibbler in City of Auburn and State Washington. Apparently this person Ashley is not able to receive any money from Western Union. Darren (fake name) will than ask the money to be wired to another person which goes by "Samuel Boko" and is located in Pago, Benin. PLEASE i beg you not to be as NAIVE as i was. I lost a total of $650.00. This person preys on people like me. If you see any of his ads in Craigslist or any where else please REPORT. He is still texting and calling me asking for further funds to proceed with the loan. Report him/her to the POLICE immediately.

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