Sam Technology/Sam Technologies Reviews - Sam Technology/Sam Technologies Scam or Legit

Ramon –

Victim Location 37040

Total money lost $1,098

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Last Sunday, July 31, scammers, later claiming to be from a company that they called Sam Technologies, hacked into my computer despite the Mcafee firewall protecction, claimed that a spy virus had been installed on my computer, fooled me into thinking that I was receiving the visual and loud female voice message from a legitimate source that I had been subscribed to, and successfully scammed me out of $1098 in possible false repairs and false service agreements.

What happened was that I was using the internet, and suddenly a loud pop-up came on my screen with a loud female voice saying that the virus had been installed placing all of my sensitive computer information at risk, for me to please not restart my computer, but to instead call the number at the bottom of the pop up. The pop-up could not be Xed out and the loud female voice message continued to repeat itself. Since I had Mcafee firewall protection, my immediate impression was that the message was coming from a friendly source. (INSTEAD AN OUTSIDE HOSTILE SCAMMING SOURCE HAD APPARENTLY HACKED INTO MY COMPUTER DESPITE THE FIREWALL PROTECTION.)

The apparent scammers then told me that the Mcafee protection had become "corrupted," that a large group of people were hacking into my computer, and that they could fix the problem for $499 and give me a lifetime service agreement for an additional $599. In concern for my sensitive information falling into the wrong hands I agreed.

Later after the alleged service, they informed me that they were "not part of Microsoft, etc., but were an independent third company. That immediately alerted my suspicion. I asked myself, "How would a third or independent company get into my computer screen like that in the first place.

The following Monday I began researching the internet for a "Sam Technologies" (plural) and did find a "Sam Technology" (singular), and found that one of the phone numbers appearing on the web page was the same as one of the several used by the hackers during the apparent scheme.

Over the day of Monday, I sent the company listed as Sam Technology at least six emails asking them to please state if they were the same company that apparently used one of their phone numbers the previous day as Sam Technologies. As of yet (Thursday, August 4) not one of my emails have been answered. I also posted three additional emails directly on their site, and as of yet I have received nothing from them except automated respsonses.

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