Salanic Financials LLC Reviews - Salanic Financials LLC Scam or Legit

Danielle –

Victim Location 37160

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The person that called said he was a rep. for Salanic financials offering me a personal loan for 75k at 2.9% for 18yrs,I had been online searching for loans to keep up with bills because I was turned down for a home refinance.A recent rule someone came up with you can’t have any late payments on mortgages for past year which I thought was ridiculous(maybe because of a no payment) because having all of payments we have to make is what made us late in first place and needed refinance to consolidate,so was pretty excited about this one and still have not confirmed that It’s a scam but Salanic has a website that looks legitimate that can go to from their e-mail but cannot find any info on them when on search engine nor can I find out their info or confirm the lawyer’s(Med Morgan) address who’s supposed to do all paperwork and legal things for them for the $504.38 they’re saying I need to pay before can get loan,on internet says they are on 720 peachtree st. NE in Atlanta Ga.*** *** *** who I do know of are suspicously on same street there and get plenty of sites for them when search Med Morgan.They(Salanic)called this morning 2/5/20 and told them I need more info to legitamize so he gave me the name Capital Serve and their phone number 8008605689 and my supposed loan number ***,so I immediately searched and dang,three or four legitimate looking websites so clicked on one that looked the best and was another professional looking site like the Salanic one and to my surprise they had same number to call,so I call and rang several times then someone answers that has same accent like the Salanic guys.I think I’ve talked to four different men and one woman since this started and they all have same accent,Indian or maybe Arabic.One called as I was writing this and told him the Capital Serve did’nt calm any fears and he started sounding a little agitated and started giving me all these analogies and finally had to just tell him I was goin to look a little more and I would send in docs if i choose to go with them trying to be as nice as possible cause that’s how I’ve always been even though at this time I’ve pretty much know now I almost have been had and would not only be behind but $504.38 further.

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