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Sara – Oct 02, 2020

I ordered roller skate wheels from this website. I never received my order. I sent them my order number and they only responded saying they can’t find my order. When I tried to contact them again they didn’t respond and now their website isn’t available.

Julie – Aug 25, 2020

Ordered Never received Checked order status processing for over a month lol tried to get reimbursed from PayPal no such luck lost 75.00 bucks ,stay clear Of this scam

Bobby – Jul 15, 2020

Sounds about right. And yes, PayPal are [censored] so always fund PayPal with a credit card so you can elevate the dispute to the CC issuer. (They should in the event of a legitimate dispute side with you and tell PayPal to take a hike.)

David – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 95122

Total money lost $105

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website looks similar like Amazon or legitimate website which sells almost everything from a table picnic set to clothing. It wanted me to pay by MasterCard to get a $10 off, but also provided other options like credit card and PayPal. Once It got my credit card information, a window popup saying the card didn’t work and you paid by PayPal. It would then charge you twice on credit card and PayPal with the amount higher than original amount too. It also then sent you a confirmation order and a tracking for shipping, etc, but all was fake. Any attempts to contact them was like in vain. They just disappeared after getting your money and personal information. PayPal refused to refund you too because those scammer operated so professionally and PayPal didn’t do their diligent and didn’t spend time to look into your case (the scammer managed to provide a tracking number that actually shipped to your zip code, but if you spent 30 seconds to look at the details, you can clearly see it was fake because it was actually shipped and delivered even before you ordered the items.

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