Safeway Recovery Group Reviews - Safeway Recovery Group Scam or Legit

Troy –

Victim Location 58103

Total money lost $963

Type of a scam Debt Collections

2nd email address used by Richard Murphy: [email protected]; 2nd ph is for a Mr Wyngardin (sp?) in Florida.

I received a phone call telling me that I had an outstanding balance on a credit card; that I needed to take care of it immediately or they would filed with the courts and my wages would be garnished, a lien could be put on my house, basically I could/would lose everything.

They insisted that this had to be taken care of, handled immediately or legal proceeding would be started right away.

I tried to tell them I had already taken care of this credit card and asked for them to wait for over the week end for me to find the paperwork and email it to them.

They said legal proceeding would start immediately if I didn’t make some sort of payment that day. Of course I did $100.00, and set up another payment for the following Monday for $863.00

I found the paperwork over the week end; emailed it to Richard Murphy, got a call back from Mr Wyngardin in the legal department. he stated that it was good I sent him that paperwork, because the other agency had pulled scam on me. I told him I wanted my money back as they had taken it under false pretenses. And I would be filing however I could against them for the return of my $963.00.

I never found the other company listed in the as scamming people. like I did with Safeway Recovery Group.

Do they realized what this does to me financally being on a fixed income?

Matthew –

Victim Location 99336

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Debt Collections

His name was Richard Murphy Brian O’Connor and Sean Kaufman they same guy said that I O US Bank money from 2007 to 2011 they had contacted two of my family members proceeded to tell them that I was going to be served papers if I did not contact them they said That they were going to garnish my wages at work if I did not make a payment plan by the time we had to hang up the phone that day I had to sign a doc you paper that they emailed me and they kept calling they were pretty persistent.

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