Safety Compliance Alert

Lauren –

Victim Location 94966

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from Kathy from the International Credit Recovery company. She called in from a different number than she gave me to call back; when I called the number that the incoming call was from, it says the line is busy and to try again later. Kathy said I was sent to collections by the Compliance Safety Alert newsletter. She said the paper newsletter is mailed monthly to an address in Utah (I work in California). I said I never agreed to this and I would like to see proof that I made the purchase. She asked me, well what is your birthday? I told her the month and day (which I now regret). And she said, oh well there is no written proof, it is only verbal. It was a phone call and I told them my birthday at the end of the call and this is their verification security protocol. And they have listed that month/date is my birthday (the one I had just told her- she tricked me!). I told Kathy that my birthday can be found on the internet as it is publicly listed on social media so that is not an appropriate proof of consent.

She then asked me who she could contact in our Utah branch to talk about the debt. I said she should not be contacting anybody in my Utah office if the debt is tied to my name. Then, she said it’s not tied to my name, it’s tied to the company’s name (this contradicted what she told me earlier). I told her this and she said she will be contacting her legal council in Utah to see what to do. I said I would contact my legal council as well.

After hanging up, I researched International Credit Recover, Safety Compliance Alert and the phone numbers from the conversation I just had. All of them result in numerous articles about how this is a scam.

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