Safeco Insurance/Seattle Pacific University Imposters Reviews - Safeco Insurance/Seattle Pacific University Imposters Scam or Legit

Courtney – Jun 05, 2020

Victim Location 02090

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My son received the following email via his Syracuse University email account: "Would you like to work for SYR and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by purchasing face masks and medical supplies to be mailed to hospitals and isolation centers? This is an online job for $500/week. For applications, text your Full name and physical address to (479) 888-0247. Address it to Dr. Hendrick. Regards"

Not realizing it was a scam, he responded with his name, address, and cell phone number.

A few days later, he received two checks in the mail from "Seattle Pacific University," one for $980.56 and another for $450.00. The checks were sent via Priority 2 Day mail with no letter or explanation. The return address said "Safeco Insurance" with an address of 520 Kirkland Way, Ste, 100, Kirkland WA 98033.

First, we called Safeco Insurance. They had no knowledge of the checks and stated that was not their address.

We then goggled the address, which actually belongs to First American Title company. We called them, and they also have no knowledge of the checks, but stated they had received a similar envelope returned to them from an address in WY the same day. (In other words, someone is using their address and one of the letters got returned).

We finally reached Seattle Pacific University, and they have no knowledge of checks or senders.

It is our belief that this began with a pfishing scam and was an attempt to get our son to cash the fake checks.

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