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Tara –

Victim Location 36606

Total money lost $1,325

Type of a scam Other

This is a scam to get you to send airline cost for the shipping of a tea cup yorkie that is supposedly free because the seller is relocating and they have four puppies left Drake, Diamond, Bella, and Helena. Seller company is Sunrise Yorkie Puppies Home contact person was Melanie Willis she sent me a text after an online inquiry her number was 206-582-7497. We made several email contacts discussing the dog and travel arrangement. She asks you questions about yourself as an interview that you are a good fit home for the puppy. Later you get travel contacts from safe pet airway and confirmation and tracking numbers. The airway number for customer service was 509-537-0481 person name was David he sounded foreign with a sort of accent not really sure possibly India. After I paid the 450.00 plus the 12.50 western union cost for money in minutes to get the flight ticket I get a call later to check my email. The next email is that the crate is not the proper crate and the puppy needed insurance which cost me an additional 850.00 plus 12.50 money in minutes western union fees that was the crate rental 550.00 and 300.00 insurance cost. Mind you the insurance and crate rental is suppose to be 100% refundable once the puppy arrived to me safely.After that transaction I get another call to check my email that we had another issue now the puppy was shipped and has now landed in Boise Idaho and had a stress issue that required him to get two injections for the stress and a glucose injection to raise his metabolism which was gonna cost and additional 650.00. At this point I am getting concerned an weary that something is not right so I call the company customer service number spoke with David again and stressed that I am not paying another dime and the purpose I paid the extra insurance cost was so the puppy could reach my destination safely which he has not. I started stressing that I wanted my money refunded or my puppy delivered and he started giving me the run around. we suddenly kept getting disconnected the soon after I kept trying to reach him back the started rejecting my phone call.

Suzanne –

Victim Location 54130

Type of a scam Online Purchase

She is claiming to sell tea cup puppies. Says she is from Spokane Washington. Uses to ship puppies…

Both are a scam working together.

Asking for $450.00 in exchange for a puppy. Only shipping isrequired from the buyer.

Safepetairway. Will only take cash, not a credit card….cant answer any questions and demand money up front or the puppy will sit in a facility. By the way…they can’t provide a number for where the puppies are kept until flight…

Samantha –

Victim Location 77586

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company was to ship a yorkie puppie that I had paid for shipping and they continuously added fees to the shipping, qualified shipping crate, insurance to insurance that I get all the fees refunded, Quarantine, Vet care . the total cost 4000.00

Diane –

Victim Location 37138

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Online Purchase


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**Electronic Ventilated Crate and REFUNDABLE INSURANCE Needed for Shipment of Your Puppy**



Pet Transport

3:12 PM (3 hours ago)

Dear Bob Merritt, You are once more welcome to the SAFE PET AIRWAY Air Cargo …

Pet Transport

3:12 PM (3 hours ago)

Dear Bob Merritt, You are once more welcome to the SAFE PET AIRWAY Air Cargo …

Bob Merritt

3:22 PM (3 hours ago)

to jasmine

Look at this. Now they want 850.00 more 

Via western union before sending the puppy.

I’m very upset about this.

Bob Merritt

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Pet Transport"

Date: February 8, 2017 at 3:12:58 PM CST

To: "Bob Merritt"

Cc: "Bob Merritt"

Subject: **Electronic Ventilated Crate and REFUNDABLE INSURANCE Needed for Shipment of  Your Puppy**


 Dear  Bob Merritt,


     You are once more welcome to the  SAFE PET AIRWAY    Air Cargo Reliable Pets Transportation Service, We wish to inform you that we are unable to proceed with the delivery of your puppy  for safety reasons. Your puppy has been held  by the Pets Control department in collaboration with the Pets Transportation Security Administration (P.T.S.A) here for not using the adequate or proper crate for transportation contrary to the law protecting Animal Safety.

    We need a 1st class US APPROVED Electronic Ventilated Crate  for your  puppy  before we can proceed with the delivery. The crate provided by your seller ( Mrs Jasmine Treana) is below standard and not approved under the US Pets control law to transport pets within this category and at this age. So we urge you to get one as soon as possible to enable us meet up with our delivery schedule. So due to this situation we have decided to provide your puppy with an electronic temperature ventilated crate We can help you get one on a permanent basis at $850 , but we provide rental options to our clients at moderate prices depending on your destination and the pet in question. Rental for an electronic temperature ventilated crate   for your puppy will cost you $550 ( FIRST CLASS CRATE PLUS  ) But you have to make your choice from the  list of crate below and this money is FULLY REFUNDABLE  upon safe delivery of your puppy today . This serves only as a shorty or a guarantee in case of any damages during the delivery process. So you have these options to choose from and do let us know which one you prefer.




We do not carry out the shipping of any pets or animal in general without a Valid  certified insurance cover  This act of insurance is both advantageous to our clients and these puppy, in that if anything happens to the pet during the flight,the insurance company compensates you for  all the expenditure you have encured  apart from the shipping fee of this puppy ($300) and this money will be refunded in check/cash upon delivery of your puppy.


This money is to insure your puppy

during the flight so that if any thing happens to the puppy during the flight like natural disasters or plane crash you will be adequately compensated by our insurance department. so it is for your own good and the good of your puppies and it covers the puppy only during the flight. if your puppy is brought home safely, you will be given back the insurance fees. The cost for the insurance fees is ($300) and it will be given back to you upon arrival of the pet if nothing happens to then during the flight.This money most be paid as soon as possible so that we can put your Puppy on the next flight and get back to you with the flight schedule.






Total Refund Today and arrival of your puppy … $850

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