Sarah –

Victim Location 29575

Type of a scam Tech Support

Persian accent man called I answered and he said He could remotely remove $4500 from my bank account because he had the routing number and the account number he had me go to my computer so that he could show me remotely I stupidly allowed him to remotely have access to my computer where he did in fact show me that he had access to my accounts I freaked out told him no way told him I was going to call the police he didn’t care he continued to harass me and asked me for money then I told him that the money was not available there were no funds but he insisted that I write him a check for the services that I received three years ago for Technical support then he showed me again that he could take the money from my account. I was scared he told me I had one week to send him $1000 then he changed it to $500 because I was over the age of 50 I knew that he was full of it but I considered the Aunt wrote the check so that he could on in good faith so that he would leave me alone and then I hung up but he did see my check on the scanner supposedly on the remote control computer however I have deleted the remote part of the computer I just need somebody to know that he is out there trying to collect money I am going to change my account numbers.

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