Ryan’s Teacup Valley

Melinda –

Victim Location 70072

Total money lost $499.99

Type of a scam Other

I contact Ryan’s with Teacup Valley by phone and we talk he said that the puppy will be delivered Monday so, I was like ok so pay him with my Zella account. And he talk to me everyday in reference off the dog, I ask him for pictures of the dog and he text me picture of the dog. When Monday came he said that the dog will be delivered on Wednesday due to bad weather. so I understand that, Then when Wednesday came he said someone will call you with the information on the time when she leave and when she will arrive in Louisiana. So that’s when some guy name Timmy call me from Rayon shipping Transport & Logistic (240)532-2687 and he said check your email and see if you receive your email for the information when the dog arrival, so I check my email and verified that the dog will be delivered that day. So about 30 minutes to an hour Timmy call and ask if you received another email I said hold on and I check my email and that’s when saying about the create for the puppy wasn’t the wright one and I need to pay for another create or rent one and that’s when I call Ryan and I told him I want my money back and he ask why and I told him and that’s when he said send me the email and I will look into it for you . So I don’t remember if I call im back or he call me back but that’s when Ryan said he will come up with half and I can come up with the other half. And I told him I didn’t have any more money. So I told give me my money back and Ryans said he will give it back to me in 3 to 5 business days and its been 3 to 5 business days and I still haven’t receive my money yet.

I think once they find all these people who have fake businesses sites to get people money they should make them pay they money back and put them in jail.

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