Ryan Williams/John

Benjamin –

Victim Location 34953

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

Yesterday I received a call from “Apple” and they said that my iCloud was hacked and since I have an iPhone I was concerned. Then they told me to to go to my computer and told me to get my icould email, name, and device. After that they told me to go to Target they said to get a gift card for 200 from my own money. They said they would give me a refund for it once they “fix the issue”. I did receive an email on the refund but I never received my $200 back into my card/account. The only thing I thought it was real is when they emailed the refund receipt to me. They said I would receive it in an hour but I still haven’t gotten it yet. Then they wanted me to go to Home Depot to get 2 target gift cards and pay$500 each for them which is ridiculous. Now I have no money in my account and honestly I should’ve known better to know it was a scam which is on me but I still want my money back and for them to refund my money. I went to my phone carrier and they said it was a scam and the only time I thought it wasn’t was when I got the email that’s it. But I want to know if you can please help me [censored] them down and retrieve my money. I would appreciate it a lot thank you.

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