Ryan Johnson

Tonya –

Victim Location 46032

Total money lost $753

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a puppy through Corgi Puppies for Sale from Ryan Johnson. I was told to pay either with Amazon gift cards or Steamcarddelivery. I paid for the puppy and received the Tranfer of Dog Ownership Form. I needed to sign the form and return. Breeder told me that Deltaexpress would be delivering the puppy to my door the next day. Later that day I get a text message from Deltaexpress (863) 417-9715 (shipping company) wanting $500 pet insurance for the delivery. Pet insurance would be refundable at the time that puppy was delivered. The breeder indicated that this was a new practice of the company and that he had not experienced this in the past. I refused to pay the entire amount so they accepted $250 and breeder said that he would pay the rest. The puppy did not arrive the next day. I contacted the breeder. I immediately receive a text from Deltaexpress indicating that they could not ship the puppy without a crate or shots. Deltaexpress wanted $400 for crate and shots. The puppy had been processed so it could not be picked up by the breeder or anyone else due to my ownership. I refused to pay so breeder asked me for what I could pay. I refused to pay and asked for the address for the shipping company so that I could have the puppy picked up. Address was not given until after many attempts. Address was given as 62 Reel Avenue, Albequerque, NM. Google maps does not show business at that address. Deltaexpress.com shows addresses but phone number is Google Voice number. Addresses are also not correct business addresses.

Breeder and Deltaexpress continued to text. They threaten to turn puppy over to agency for abandonment of puppy. I asked for exact location of puppy but both would not respond. Both continued to ask how much I could pay to get my puppy home. Both emphasized that the puppy is my responsibility due to transfer of ownership.

I asked for refunds from both companies but neither sent refund. Both kept asking for what I could pay to get my puppy home.

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