Ryan Carter

Kristy –

Victim Location 30329

Type of a scam Romance

The scammer introduces himself as "Ryan Carter", originally from Atlanta, Georgia. His both parents died when he was very young. He pretty grew up in Australia living in Darwin, where he grew up with his aunt and her kids. He was the only child and felt pretty much alone during childhood. He is divorced, has a son Jason, who is 11 years old. His ex was so unfaithful and is now married to someone else.

He attended Riverside Military Academy and got enlisted into Fort Gordon Army base in Augusta, GA. Also refrerred to as Camp Gordon one of the oldest Military base in Georgia. His first deployment was Fort bliss. After that he was re shedulded and stationed in Afghanistan. He is sergeant in the US army, infantry soldier and he does some secretary work. He has been to UK, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, Singapore, Italy and France.

After two weeks of chatting we decided to spent a weekend together. I planned a whole weekend with plenty of visits around the city, but two days before the weekend he send me a message that he had to go to Aleppo for emergency deployment. That moment I realised something was wrong. I started searching on internet and found his phone number on a Facebook page "Military Romance Scams". I confronted him with the situation and him if his next step would be asking me for money and he was surprised I figured it out by myeself, but indeed told me that this was his next step.

He is also using someone else’s pictures. I Tried to find that person, to warn him, but I couldn’t. Attached a picture from the guy who he is stealing the pictures from.

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