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Victim Location 01089

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company calls my brother claiming a bogus collection. They give anyone that answers the phone my social security, birthday, etc. I have found other complaints against them under other names.


9 Dec 2016 | 1 reply

Called many times over three days, first claiming they were trying to find me for process service of a law suit. Claimed I owed money on a Wells Fargo credit card which I never had. When that didn’t work they called the next day claiming they had a judgment. That was quick!  My husband asked for docket # and county court house from which they were able to secure the judgment over night without process. More threats after my husband asked their company name and address, which they refused to give and just continued with more threats of serving me at my place of work. My husband just hung up.  He then called back the number a while later hoping to get someone new and asked for the name of their company. They said they were CVCR Inc a subsidiary of Morgan Cohen and Bach (MCB) but still refused to give their address. I called that firm (MCB) and they were very gracious and helpful while explaining they have been receiving many calls from disgruntled people. MCB IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THESE [censored] and they are investigating the source of these calls as well. They believe the company may also be called CRG, Inc. since one of the victims told MCB they paid them and that was the name associated with the credit card statement.  The [censored] also use the following #’s 855-969-0613, 662-223-3074 and 925-215-1824.  On their next call on Thurs. Dec 8th my husband confirmed our address AGAIN, and demanded they serve us the imaginary lawsuit. Then we could finally confirm THEIR real name and address to report them to the authorities. They ‘re bogus. They are petty criminals who want your credit card info to pay over the phone your fictitious debt. Stay calm and record the calls if you don’t block them. Ask for them to send you proof of the debt pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and if in the unlikely event they do turn them in!

Caller: 925-215-1824

Call type: Debt collector


9 Dec 2016

Scam called my mother’s house and my daughter’s cell phone sayin I owe money. Reported to FCC.

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