RW Associates

Carmen –

Victim Location 44485

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called on 2-28 and said that there was a lawsuit for an outstanding payment, and I said on what. They had me credit ran, they have my social security. They said that one of the people on my credit reference was suing me, and that I made no attempt to pay it, so I was going to be served, unless I faxed them paperwork, showing that I had paid the loan off. He said you are going to have court costs, attorney fees, this is what you are going to be sued for. I am not sure if they were wanting my information off the paperwork or just send the money. They said they were looking for my sister in law at first, they had the county I live in, and they said this has been run through the county and you have failed to comply through acknowledging, they have my cell phone my name and her name pulled up. He said was looking for *** and I told him I wasn’t and he said he was looking for the one whose social security number ended in what is my number. His name was Brian Whitefield (not sure if Whitfield) director of litigations at RW Associates. Last night a name was given to me of John Hoffman, and he said I am going to connect you with Valerie Smith, when I went to get connected with her I got disconnected. I had the number written down from a voicemail that I had received, and I called them back at 877-462-1744, and they were already calling me and knew I was disconnected, so I told them I am on the line with your director of litigations, and he said ok and hung up. There are several people, but none of it is seeming very professional. The woman got smart and she said I think this is (my sister in law’s name) and I just hung up on her. They don’t really know who they are looking for, they have a name and social security.

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