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Victim Location 98065

Type of a scam Rental

I’m writing because I am angry and very disappointed that my family’s Labor Day vacation plans were ruined by a rental RV scam. I don’t know if others have had this happen when renting an RV online but I don’t want anyone else to experience what we have. My husband, daughter and I were looking forward to checking out Montana and going to see our son, Nathan, who is starting at the University of Montana in Missoula. My husband used a national RV rental site, www.rvngo.com, and we made and confirmed reservations for an RV rental from Thursday, Aug 30th to Monday Sept 3rd. My husband set up a payment of $1,050.60 through the website and communication was set up between my husband and the “renter” through text message. Everything seemed to be in place until my husband tried to set up a time for us to pick up the RV. My husband received a message that the “renter” thought we didn’t need the RV until Friday. My husband was a bit put off but we were going to make it work. Subsequent messages had the “renter” explaining there was a propane leak and it was getting fixed. He stated the RV would be delivered to our house by 8am Friday. When this didn’t happen the next response was “my driver is on the way now”. My husband called rvngo customer service and explained the situation only to find out this person had called the company and tried to get the full payment for the RV rental prior to delivery and then had tried to cancel his agreement. Rvngo investigated and called back to let us know the “renter” had given fraudulent information and they would revoke his website rights and pursue prosecution. At this point it thankfully appears our money was not taken but no RV showed up. All of our bags were packed and we were excited for our first RV ride and our first time in Montana. It is an awful feeling to tell your daughter there is no RV and we are not able to go see her brother because of some terrible, lying human being. I just wanted to get the word out to others to be cautious of planning a trip that includes renting an rv online and scrutinize the company’s vetting process of their listed renters.

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