RV Farms

Gabriel – May 31, 2020

Victim Location 97128

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

have claimed that they have storage units available but when they don’t like you or they don’t really want you there they will kick you out on their own accord and claim that they are not a storage facility even though they posted on Craigslist and they state that they are when you talk to them and when you write your check or money order through them and if they do not like you or they want to get your items from you they claim they will lock you out of your storage andthen put you in a very hard position to move within a short. Of time without giving you a written notice or any type of paperwork stating it and claim because they’re on private property they have no rules or laws and they are not a storage facility so basically they’re just stealing your stuffthen they continually harass you again and again until you get your stuff for your items out of the the unit or they will continually threaten you with eviction for this and that and when you do what they have asked you to they give you another hoop to jump through basically to make it where they have some type of leverage over the top of you with such as I was supposed to have two rental units but because they didn’t want me there because of how much stuff I had they tried to put me into a small unit knowing that I would have to go find somewhere else for storage so that I would leave on my own accord because they don’t do anything through courts or properly with paperwork or anything there’s not even a lease agreement as I asked them to have one written up for me the only thing they gave me was a paper receipt for the money order and I believe that they are not a legitimate business throughout the area that I’m in because the city doesn’t even know about him or the county Alfred being a storage facility but they have many people out there in the storage containers renting from them

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