Russell “Russ” Cox

Tiffany –

Victim Location 48082

Type of a scam Romance

“Russ ***” is the classic scammer. We met on last weekend. He said hi and immediately suggested we go to email. He’s very handsome and he turned the charm way up. He’s way too good to be true, very romantic, lots of plans for us. He’s (allegedly) in Greece on business. He kept stressing that honesty is very important. He told me not to tell family and friends about him. Once he contacted me he removed his profile from Match so he could focus on our relationship. I know where this is going. I cut off contact with him. He didn’t ask me for money yet, but I’m sure that’s his plan. Email address doesn’t match his name. Photo of Greece has been shared on the internet for 2 years. Please investigate this person. Some lady will fall for him and lose her money. I reported him to match. Thank you.

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