Russell Estebal

Curtis –

Victim Location 66202

Type of a scam Rental

Indian people take housing listings on Zillow by stealing the property information and pictures, and posting the same thing on Craigslist at a cheaper price. If you inquire on the Craigslist ad, they send an email pretending to be "couple out of town who couldn’t sell their house so they decided to rent it to tenants" with a questionnaire for personal information about your moving situation. They request a deposit without mentioning you see the property first (because they’re ‘out of town’) and will use Western Union or try to meet at a Walmart for money. They use the same scamming scenario for every email they send. Their English is bad, so they try to hide it by being an "old couple". A friend of mine recently almost got scammed by these people, and when he read the email I forwarded him (for him to confirm if it was a scam), he said they said the same thing in an email to him.

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