RUSH Energy drink

Julie – Oct 16, 2020

i was a victim of their scam., they sent four thousand dollars to my bank it cleared then a stop payment on it. i am four thousand dollars in the hole.i have turned it in to the fraud deparment. i am on social security and my check is direct deposit. i am in bad shape

Ronnie – Oct 16, 2020

i received four thousand six hundred for a bubble wrap on the truck to advertise. raymond gold said to send two thousand and the rest to keep for advertising.i sent three thousand plus one thousand one hundred dollars, the check cleared. mr gold put a stop payment on the check. i am now four thousand six hundred plus bank fees in the hole. mr gold said to send another hundred and he would release the check. i have turned this into my bank fraud department and kentucky attorney general. i am going on facebook to warn consumers of this scam

Alexis – Jul 23, 2020

I fell for this scam and looked it up a bit late. I’ll let you know more as this developes. I don’t like, as many do not. being made a fool of. More as things happen here!

Hillary – Apr 24, 2020

I received a text message asking me if I was interested in putting “Rush Energy” decals on my car, and I would get paid $500 every week.
Blah Blah Blah…
I was seriously considering doing it. Until something told me to google “Rush Energy” drinks. The results that I found was, scam after scam. I thought, how can I be so dumb. I almost fell for it.
Maybe because of the fact that Im struggling with money , due to COVID-19, and I saw a fast easy way to make money.
Please don’t be dumb like me.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 45840

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I filled out an application online to wrap my car in RUSH energy drink advertisement for 3 months and get paid for it. Got an email and a text message. I responded to the email. I just received a UPS package with a letter and a check for $3,650.00. The letter states that I need to contact my personal batch supervisor, janey huntus. Suppose to send her a text when i have received the package. I realized it was a scam before i even got this check. Now i definitly see this is a scam. And they need to be caught. There is a business name on this check. I have not looked into if it is real. KEYSTONE CONSTRUCTION from Mission Tx. And there is also a name and address on the envelope. AYAKO MOCHIZUKI (774)549-0908 IBS INC. 4685 ANASAZI COURT. BOULDER CO, 80303

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