Mallory – Nov 24, 2020

Scam thru and thru,I lost 129.95,nobody answers their business line listed nor do they reply to messages,this is misleading practice as “run roadside” has nothing 2 do with a list of vendors u are provided,and u have to be approved thru the said vendor who issues payment,don’t forget about the required insurance cost and tools among all their other hidden fees. Run roadside is not who dispatches and you won’t pay any $ and be started same day let alone so. their services no good,and 6 months later my provisional credit from bank has been removed as run roadside fails to respond for refund😡

Candace –

Victim Location 95116

Type of a scam Employment

Was skeptical…

Then i came across there website looks legit but never found them on the BBB

(But they say they under the BBB A+) there website is ""

I also did some digging and someone already posted they got scamed for $100 (they requested for employment)

On there website it also says there linked up with "discount lockout llc" called them to make sure and wala! They just hang up the phone! Never answered. Please be careful i almost clicked on the payment! Good thing i seen someone else flagging those fraudulent people!

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