Rugged productions

Abigail – Aug 21, 2020

My opinion of Rugged Productions and Christopher Goettsche is the following. I was contacted by Rugged Productions about doing a TV show. Chris sends out people to you to scout your location and to make a scout video of you. ( with a cellphone ) Chris later calls and names three specific networks that have interest in you and WANT to make a show about you. The scam is he says you can buy into the production of the show, be an executive producer. This according to him will give you a large return on your investment when not if the show sells. He has victimized MANY small business owners across the USA with this scam. I paid this guy a lot of money and he disappeared. Only after multiple calls and emails would he respond with excuse after excuse. Two years later and still no finished product. In my opinion all they want is the MONEY. I see on Yelp and ripoff report many people have written about this company. This guy is so low he even scammed a disabled Marine Corp veteran. I have found all of his credentials online are self created he claims to be producer on shows and was not.

Beth – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 66102

Total money lost $12,900

Type of a scam Other

I received a phone call from Rugged Productions about doing a TV show. They send out a couple of people to make a scout video and take it back to the production company and then you get a call from the producer saying we love you, we can make this great tv show together, there is huge demand for a show like this, ect. Talks go on for months and then the producer offers you an executive producer option. This is the scam. You can buy into a percentage of the show based on how much money you want to spend. the money is supposedly put with the producers money to make what is called a "sizzle reel". Three part billing, you send an upfront payment and two more later on. After sending two payments that totaled $12,900 and getting multiple excuses for why nothing is happening, the producer get cusses you out and threatens your life. After more investigating i have found multiple others who have had this exact scam run on them.

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