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Sierra – Apr 22, 2020

Victim Location 17316

Type of a scam Charity

my husband and i found out about this place because we wanted adopt a parrot instead of purchasing from a pet store. we already own a parrot.

we stopped in the hanover mall to talk with someone about adoption and to see what birds were up for adoption. the first person we saw when we entered we ask about adoption and he stated he was a volunteer and we would have to talk to the owner. then there was another gentleman and we asked him if he was the owner and how we could adopt, he stated he is not the owner and the papers for adoption were lying on the table. so we went over and pick up one of the packets. as i was doing that, there was a lady walking towards me really fast and she came up to me and said "can i help you", in a stern voice. my husband said yes we are looking at adopting a parrot and that we don’t wish not to buy from a pet store. My husband stated are the birds here are any of them up for adoption, the owner stated "yes". my husband said can you tell us which ones are up for adoption, the owner stated what kind of bird are you looking for. we stated conure, sun conure, and Senegals. the owner stated do you have experience and we stated yes we have a conure. she asked us how old is your bird, we told her the conure was 1yr and that we bought it from a pet store and if we would have known about a adoption we would have adopted instead. she stated in a very nasty tone that your bird is young and its a pets store bird. she started attacking as stating do you know what your are getting into and that birds are mean and they will attack us and that the birds are mean at the rescue and that one day our bird will turn on us and attack us. she went over to one of her Senegals and picked one of the birds and didn’t seem to be mean or biting her. my husband again stated is there a bird we can adopt she state we could go on the website and check the birds that she has there for adoption. we thanked her for her time and told her that we would go online and check things out and i did and there are no birds up for adoption. later that night i went and gave her a bad review on face book. due to the fact that we were not getting any answers out her about adoption and the fact on how nasty she had treated us. there were tons of birds there and we were not told who was up for adoption or giving any chance for anything. the only thing that we could have done is get a picture with a bird for a donation.

i gave her the review and it was not a nice review. after the review she came back and attacked me. telling me i should put my money were my mouth is. i said something to my husband that something doesn’t make sense with the whole situation with this rescue. she has all these birds and she stating they are adoptable but every time i ask questions about the birds the more nasty she got with me. i looked into it further. there was another lady interested in adopting and she was treated badly the same we were. the lady and i were both being attacked on Facebook about our reviews. there was another girl who was a volunteer that was responding to us on Facebook about how they are the not the bad guy and we need experience. here to come to find out she is in with this rescue lady and they are taking these birds to florida and opening a aviary place down there. the way it sounds from talking with this rescue is they put up this false hope of adopting a bird and take your donations to start a business in florida to charge people to see these birds. another thing i found out about the birds from the girl volunteer is most of those birds are already owned. if it is a rescue, then what are the birds that have owners doing there, its rescue. i went on the actual website and saw there was also not so nice review about how birds are kept in cages in garage without light. she is also having her volunteers put on good reviews so her score doesn’t go down for the ones that are not happy with what is going on with this rescue. If this rescue lady does not want to adopt a bird or birds then what is she doing with all these birds?

viewing the situation with this place some of the bigger bird were out the cage, for the most part a lot of the birds were locked up in cages. the owner;s name is yvonne, volunteer melanie canatella

also i have the discussions on Facebook or you can review them on facebook

Christie –

I was under the impression she does not like to adopt out, mostly because ppl who surrender ask her to keep the bird/birds as a forever home, i am in trouble with a established flock of untamed inbred freeflighted lovebirds that started out well but bad things happened in my life so i felt i was in a hoarding situation only because my home was unable to be maintained.. So i felt i needed help so there would be no neglect unintentionally.. She and he were very very kind, promised to keep them together forever at there new place in Florida, they only bought a few acres of land so i do not think hoarding or breeding is there plan, they have a attorney that guides in the estate planning process. And welcomed my husband and i to help out there and visit my flock, they never asked for a dime.. If adoption is a option on her site then perhaps she when someone drops off there bird not giving a [censored] who takes it then i still say she will fight for that unloved bird.. Or maybe the nonprofit org forces her to place that on her site, but she knows her limit, and clearly was uncomfortable with your attitude. She will not let any bird leave her place if a owner asks them to give it lifetime care.. And good for them educating walk ins about the almost impossible ppl in this world who has no clue, about caring for a bird beyond oh how pretty! I’m tired of ppl getting birds and giving up on them, these animals feel our stress, perhaps she felt your agitation the minute her birds informed her.. Call me nuts.. But ill bet you will not have that conure in a few years.. Sadly my birds wont be retiring in fl due to this virus.. And they will be separated, perhaps from there mates.. I’m sick at the thought… I have heard a few un needed bad words of this place as well, but i still will argue she knows your disposition just by watching her birds react. And did you say her place was a mess and some birds were caged.. Lady? You man up. Put your big girl pants on and take on such a task. Go volunteer… Peace be with you.. And god bless them

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