Rudy Atencio or Dominic Atencio Garage Doors

Kendra – Dec 11, 2020

I got Dominic’s number from Craigs list. It was listed as follows .Garage Door Repairs. Javier or Dominic. Turns out his name is Rudy. He said we needed a new door. He said he would install on Saturday. He said he needed $300 cash to go pick up the door. Saturday afternoon came, we called him and he said he never told us he would install on Saturday and the door had not come in. Another week and the door still handnt come in. We told him we would need a refund since he had told us it was refundable. It has been 2 weeks now. Every day we call him and he says he is on the way to the bank to get it. He has even gone as far to tell us to wait at the bank and he NEVER shows up. This man is pathetic. He is a scammer. DONT get scammed by this Rudy Atencio. He gave us the name Dominic Martinez.

Shanna – Nov 14, 2020

I’m sad to see that 3 years later this guy is still scamming people. Rudy Atencio came with his supposed wife in spring of 2017 and fixed my garage for $80. Second time around he came by to do measurements for a new garage door and I wrote him a check for $300 down on a new door. I called and called and each time he kept saying his wife died, then his nephew and then another family member. I called for months and he constantly avoided installing my door. After a while his daughter would answer the calls and then eventually stopped. DO NOT Pay this guy for work. He is a thief and liar !

Jonathan – Sep 01, 2020

This guy did the same thing to us! He came and measured for a new garage door, took a $500 cash deposit on June 11, 2020. No garage door. No refund. He’s used every excuse in the book. As of today, September 1, 2020, he’s quit returning calls. He went by Dominic with us.

Krystal – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 87121

Total money lost $1,300

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I called Rudy Atencio for for two garage doors. he came and measured and asked for a deposit. I gave him 1300.00 deposit after a month he said he was ready to do it, that’s when the excuses started. he has given me every excuse on the book from cancer to his wife dying to car trouble, funeral services, his employees quitting on him, you name it. so he kept me going for three weeks and hasn’t done any thing. I guess I’ve been taken by this guy.

beware of this scammer!!

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