Tanya –

Victim Location 43517

Type of a scam Phishing

They call 3 times a day, Monday-Friday, and occasionally Saturdays for the past several weeks. Until today, if I answered the call, I’d be placed on hold with a recording stating this call would be recorded for quality purposes and

no one answers the call. If I call the number back, I hear what sounds like a person on the other end, but very hurried voice saying, "This is RTI ____ ple[censored]d" (can’t make out what they’re saying).. then automated "this call will be recorded for quality purposes".

Today, I answered the call, and a woman with what sounded like a Filipino accent stated my name several times, trying to get me to say "Yes", which I did NOT. I told her my number is listed on the national do not call registry, and please take my number off their calling list.

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