RT22 Creations Inc

Amy – Jul 12, 2020

Victim Location 33309

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

This person is committing Chargeback Fraud using RT22 Creations Inc business checking account to buy bitcoins. Username Valera728 purchased bitcoins from me on Localbitcoins.com and made a payment via zelle. He said it was from his business account and he sent me a screenshot of his payment. He

obviously had full access to this account and thought zelle payments cannot be reversed and is final, so Bitcoin was released. It was during covid19 and i lost my job so I guess I overlooked some things. this was only my 2nd time selling bitcoins. I was inexperienced and did not see the comments from other users because this website automatically puts reviews from people with noticeable trade volumes at the top. anyway he disputed his charge a week after initial trade and when i went back online after i found out the money was reversed back to the account, his account was already suspended. chase bank told me their is nothing they can do for me. there was no option to respond to the reversed dispute and when I filed another claim to get it reversed they just closed my claim. i am out of other options and this person has scammed many others. I feel helpless and everything is geared towards helping a scammer and i just have to deal with it. what this person is doing is Chargeback Fraud. Please investigate accordingly and stop this person from scamming more people online hiding behind computer and a corporation.

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