Brent –

Victim Location 71655

Total money lost $173.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On August 16, 2015, I ordered two products from an ad on Facebook. I was only asked to pay $4.99 per bottle for shipping and handling. I did not agree to any subscription or sign a contract. The products arrived and I tried them for a couple of weeks. Then, I noticed charges on my debit card that I had not authorized, one for $87.95 and the other for $85.99. I called the number listed on my statement on 08/31/2015 to question the charges. I was informed that I had agreed to a subscription which I had not and those were charges for the next shipment. I informed the lady on the phone that I wanted to return the products and cancel this so called "subscription". She asked if the bottles were unopened and I replied, "No, how was I supposed to try the product without opening the bottles?" She informed me that I could not return the products if they had been opened. So, I proceeded to the trial offer and I was one day past the 14 day window they allowed. Next, she proceeds to offer the products at a monthly reduced price and eventually gets it down to half price. I continue to tell her to just cancel the product. She finally gives me a cancellation code, and makes me think she is refunding my money. Today, I still have no refund and called again. They said that since I was 1 day late calling them, they couldn’t offer any refund. I just want my $173.94 refunded.

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