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Sergio –

Victim Location 39474

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I started getting calls on January 23, 2018 from a Mary White, Rhonda Jackson, and a John King stating that they have been looking for me since 2012. They had my last four digits of my social and an old checking account. They stated that I had got a loan deposited into my account and that it was never paid. They stated that they had to be in court before 1pm on this account and that I could set up an account with my current checking account or go and get a green dot card or money card and set up payments to solve the matter and they wouldn’t take me to court. They said that if I didn’t they would come to my job and have me arrested. I have not got any mail on this matter, and I have not got a loan. They also stated that my bank had written a letter against me for them to present in court. I contacted the bank and they have not written a letter. I also contacted the company that they say the loan was from and they say its not true that its a scam. I have contacted all of the local courts and attorney generals office and there are not records. These people are looking up names on the internet and calling people that are affiliated with the name asking them questions and getting phone numbers. When I asked what office and state they were working from they got hostile and started hollering and told me that I wasn’t the one asking the questions they were and hang up the phone. Everytime they call with a different number but when I call back I get the same person. I was told by the attorney general’s office to not answer there calls and if I do answer don’t stay on the phone long. I was told that I would get a certified letter that I would have to sign for, I have not got the letter and I am still getting phone calls.

Joe –

Victim Location 06112

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from 307-248-4818 and the voicemail identified the agency as RRG Consulting and to call back to 305-735-6710. I called that number and it turned out to be a fax machine. I called the number that dialed me initially: 307-248-4818 and spoke to a Mrs. White, provided a callback numbeer: 860-810-8258 ext 1002; she then proceeded to tell me there are 3 complaints against me for the total of 1,654.11 and if the complaints came to their department, then it is ready to go to court. She put me on hold to get a senior person, but returned to the phone stating she is the senior person and proceeded to tell me the last four of my SSN and asked me to confirm that; I did not confirm it I said instead who is the complaint from, she says Midlton Funding Finance that they extended me lines of credit. I told her I never heard of the agency, she then goes and provides a date this happened: 9/13/2009. She then read me my email address, and proceeded to name a member of my family, my sister-in-law. I cut her off saying: I know you are a scam, I am reporting you.

Todd –

Victim Location 34287

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My mother was contacted by a Richard Worthington from RRG Consulting who informed her that my checks were going to be garnished. She provided me with the phone number to call. I contacted Richard and was told that I owed over $2,000 for a loan with Lazer Lending from 2012. I told him that I did not take out a loan with Lazer Lending and had never heard of them. I had taken out a payday loan with Ace Cash Express that went unpaid but that was in 2014 not 2012. I hung up on him and Richard called my number back. He threaten to have my driver’s license suspended as a result of me hanging up on him and that he was trying to help me. He offered to settle the so call debt for $1400 instead of the $2,000 that he stated. As I believed that this legal action was connection to my unpaid Ace Cash Express loan, I made payment arrangements for my debit card to be charged $100 every two weeks starting October 3rd, the day of the phone call. Recently I contacted Ace Cash Express and spoke to a representative about my account to ensure I was paying them and not being scammed. The representative I spoke to stated that her company is not affiliated with Lazer Lending nor would her company sue for more than the amount owed for the loan if it did go to court, which the representative wasn’t aware of cases of that happening. I then contacted my bank and was sent out a new debit card, effectively cancellating my old debit card file, preventing the payments from being deducted by A.P.E. Processing LLC. On February 16th, I received a voicemail message from Richard Worthington stating that he was going to file the maximum charges with the magistrate’s office (never specified which one) today. I contacted him with my mother as a witness to the call and was told by Richard that he was filing charges with the magistrate’s office for fraud on my part due to my old debit card declining due to fraud. I tried to get a word in but Richard kept talking about filing the charges and eventually hung up on me. I filed a police report with the local authorities as well as with the FTC and the Office of FL State Attorney General Pam Bondi about the scam.

Victor –

Victim Location 28573

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a call from a person regarding a 2012 payday loan. They proceeded to tell me that if I don’t pay then they will have me arrested at my job. I asked them for information regarding this supposed loan, and they said that I would need to pay first before I could get the information. She then proceeded to tell me that she knew that the loan wasn’t taken out by me because the names don’t match on the IP address of the person that filled out the application. The lady then proceeds to give me information on another person (who supposedly stole my identity). I didn’t pay her a dime, and I called the bank in which the loan was supposedly deposited to, and they were so helpful. Please make sure that you ask questions and you will get all the information that you need to determine that this is in fact a scam.

Maria –

Victim Location 85303

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Calling me and my family members saying I owe for a payday loan in 2012 which I don’t and I will have charges filed if I do not pay today. His name is Joseph Johnson. I have voice mails that were left

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