Candace –

Victim Location 55352

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call that never came through my phone but went directly to my voicemail. The phone call was from a woman by the name of Kathy Walker. She said this was a lawsuit filed and courts and that I needed to contact a number that she left behind directly. She also left a referral number or reference number on my voicemail. When I Googled the phone number, there were lots of people complaining and saying that this was fraudulent. When I call the number they would not give me any information for I would not admit to being the person they wanted to talk to. I asked if they can send me a email on a letter of overhead or a fax and she told me if I am not that person then I have no business with them and they can’t give me any information. I asked what this lawsuit was about and again they would not answer any of my questions. They called themselves R&R law firm. I asked the woman whom I was transferred to just what does R&R stand for, and she got upset and told me it didnt stand for anything. When I asked how much was owed, she wouldn’t give me an amount because I wasn’t the person she want.

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