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Wayne –

Victim Location 20902

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a voicemail for me from Cliff Gates at 844-738-7722 and to call in a case number, they answer the phone "Corporate Towers". When I spoke to Cliff he said I was going to be served a subpoena the next day if I didn’t settle a debt I had from 2010 with Bank of America collection account of $292.43 interest accrued since Oct 2010 so that accrual plus the court costs and attorney fees would be $3,616.45.

They put me on hold then said they just got out of the attorney’s office and could waive the court cost and Attorney fees and asked how I would like to pay the $577.48….I was puzzled and scared so I asked me to send the offer on letter head and I’d take care of it. The letter I received is attached. I searched the internet for the lawyers name or law group and found nothing until I discovered a blog by using the phone number mentioned above at https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-844-738-7722#p1357451242071313460

Everything I was scared of was confirmed. There were MANY people, even over the past couple days, that had received this harassment.

I did contact Bank of America and they have no idea who this guy was or ‘law firm’ and said my account was closed in 2010.

These people should be brought down for fraud and mental anguish.

Marissa –

Victim Location 36310

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husband received a call from a Joshua Black from the R&R Group claiming that he had a civil complaint against him in the amt of *** saying I needed to call them a "Case #" or "court action" would be brought against my husband. I told my husband about it and called out of curiosity. You get this company called "corporate towers" they ask for this alleged case number to "transfer you to the right place" I ended up getting this guy that answered saying it was a "law office" and I had a pending "law suit" against my husband. I then asked what state, county and city because we owe no one and if this is real, I want to check the court dockets he tells me California. I then asked him what is the name of this "law office" he says he works for the R&R Group and the attorney is Michael Rothwell. about "legal action" bring brought against you, verifying the last 4 of your social etc. My husband then of course gave him our bank information in attempt to avoid a law suit but while he was on the phone i called the bank which has no idea of what they are talking about and also researched google who has several hits of fraud fromthis company. They are scamming people out of money and their identity. I cancelled our bank cards and allerted the bank who is taking the proper measures to protect us as well.

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