RR carpets

Bryce –

Victim Location 21221

Total money lost $775

Type of a scam Home Improvement

He came on 12/13/17 to give us an estimate for new carpet. We picked out carpet from samples. We gave him $ 775.00 deposit to be installed before Xmas. Xmas came and went without hearing from him. We finally heard from him on the 29th. He told us his grandmother had passed away and he had to be in Florida. We gave him our sympathy and asked for more samples. on January 2nd, we had doctors appts so he left them on the porch. After waiting multiple times and excuses about what was going on in his life, finally we got fed up with waiting and excuses. We texted him on January 9th and requested our deposit back. We never got it .On Jan 18th I texted him to tell him it had to be done by the 23rd or not at all. After more excuses I Texted him and asked him if he was still interested in the job. he said he was and would call when he got back from Florida because his father had a heart attack ( another excuse). On Feb 19th I texted him again to come and get his samples, as we are no longer interested in him doing anything for us. I have not heard from him and never got our deposit back. Filed small claims papers against him. After a couple of weeks, the papers were returned to the court, undeliverable. Can’t find a proper address.

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