Benjamin –

Victim Location 83201

Type of a scam Phishing

We keep receiving phone calls from this number a dozen times a day. When there is actually a person on the line, if you question who they are or their validity they immediately transfer you. After briefly speaking to 3 or 4 people you get transferred to a recording and put on hold indefinitely. They will try to get any of your personal information that they can and just say its a "legal matter".

Christine –

Victim Location 82644

Type of a scam Employment

Keep receiving calls about a "business opportunity" for me. Caller only identifies as from RPM and never identifies me by name just keep repeating they have a "business opportunity" for me. I only found out the name of the company by googling the phone number. I have told them several times I am not interested and to stop calling and to remove me from their calling list…..no luck.

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