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Pamela –

Victim Location 38068

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I have attached a pdf with all the details

Todd –

Victim Location 92618

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They put up cute photos of dachshund (wiener dog) puppies on their site, pretend to give large discounts all the time, with everything included in the sale of each puppy (such as health certificate, medical records, shots up-to-date). Once a potential customer contacts them for a purchase, they promise the discount and very fast shipping of the puppy, and then immediately ask for the $500 payment for the puppy via Western Union (cash transaction). They team up with uShip ( for the transportation scam, demanding another around $1000 payment for renting thermal crate/cage for the puppy and insurance during the transport (also through some unconventional cash transaction such as Walmart to Walmart), promising to refund most of the paid amount after the puppy is delivered safe and sound (keeping only $26 for the rental fee). We fell for the initial $500 for the puppy (attached photo of receipt below), and probably cannot get it back. But we stopped when they asked for the $946 for freight insurance/thermal crate rental. The man who talked with us over the phone sounds foreign with heavy accent, the payment method through Walmart was very unconventional and suspicious (have to go to a Walmart location to transfer money, instead of any simple online payment), and they keep hounding us for the payment immediately before they can ship the puppy.

Similar pet shipping scams about uShip have been reported before on other review sites such as below. It’s very likely that they work with more than just when it comes to pet sale and delivery; and they also scammed many customers on deliveries of other products such as cars or furniture.

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I sincerely hope they can be at least shut down for their long term scams, if not punished by law.

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