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Joanna –

Victim Location 23456

Type of a scam Investment

Mr. Anthony T. Carter called us on Monday, July 22 to inquire if we were interested in selling our timeshare in Mexico. Since we haven’t used it in years, we said we may be interested. We received an email from Anthony T. Carter of the Sales Department of this company with two attachments: One letter described the nature of their company and the other letter was titled Applicant Appraisal Offer with the potential value of our timeshare. All we needed to do is to sign document and send proof of ownership. There was a statement in small print on the Appraisal Offer that stated: "This Document does not carry any legal weight other than your acceptance with the price offered by our client." On July 23, We did sign and submit the letter along with proof of ownership but we included in our email the same disclaimer that was stated in their letter. After speaking with our attorney, we immediately contacted the timeshare in Mexico to inform their Owner Services Department about the timeshare scam letter. We Informed them that we were not interested in selling our timeshare. In addition, we sent a letter to the scammer and informed them that we contacted the resort in regards to this scam and not to contact us again.

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