Royalton Direct Lending

Hannah –

Victim Location 11216

Total money lost $1,636.71

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

On June 6, 2019 I received an email from Richard Hamilton at Royalton Direct Lending stating

“Making your Financial Situation our number one Priority

Phone: 1877 462- 7717

Preliminary Approval Letter

Date 06/05/2019

*** ***  With this preliminary letter Royalton Direct Lending advises all interested parties the above name are successfully approved for the loan amount stated above.

Based upon the information we’ve received, Royalton Direct Lending is indicating that the applicant, financial, credit, and income information appear to support their eligibility for the loan amount listed above. This letter is not a loan commitment. A loan commitment may be issued following the applicant consent to move forward with the loan.

Should you have any question or if I can be of further service to you please do not hesitate to call. Look forward to working with you.

Thank you for submitting your online application.



Richard Hamilton

Senior Loan Consultant

(P) 1- 877- 462 7717

(F) 1-800-337-1883

Email: [email protected]

When I contacted him back he proceeded to send me another email:

Thank you for choosing ROYALTON DIRECT LENDING to assist and meet your financial needs. Please sign and return this document as soon possible to complete the loan procedure. I did this via fax along with sending my passport and driver’s license to them with a letter of employment.

Richard Hamilton advised that I would have to Western Union the default/collateral deposit of $695.84 to a Rojique Walcott, not to say to Western Union that it was for business because they would charge me additional fees (which now I know was part of their scam) and that the wiring fee would be reimbursed to me. Once the money was received I would then have my loan funds of $7000.00 wired to my bank account. In June 6, 2019, $695.84 + $8.00 wiring fee was wired and I called and gave Mr.Hamilton the tracking number. He advise dthat my funds would be released to me and wired to my bank account.

4 days later the money never was wired to my account and when I called him back he advised that there was now there is a brokerage fee of $457.00 that needed to be sent to the same person-once this was done, my funds would definetly be released-well they werent and on June 14, 2019 I was advise dthat there was a $459.87 exchange fee now-This was the last fee to be paid and most defeibntly my funds would be released-

THEY WERE NOT!!! They are now telling me that there was an error when the exchange rate was given and NOW another $400 and change needed to be wired! I ADVISED THAT THERE IS NO MORE MONEY TO BE SENT This is why i applied for a loan! I told them that I wasnted to cancel the loan and have all of my monies along with wiring fees returned to me-Well it has been 3 weeks and I still have not received anything-I was also given USPS tracking numbers that my refund was being sent but when you track them, they show that the label was printed but never scanned. The last time I asked for a tracking number for the refund, I was told that there was not one and that I needed to be patient and it would arrive-This past week I started to deal with another person Joseph Malken, he stated that I just needed to send the balance due and that my funds would be released. I told him that i spoke with Mr.Hamilton on 6/28/19 and said I was NOT continuing the loan and that a refund for 2 weeks now was to be sent to me. He(Mr,Malken) stated that he would send me the refund and I would have it by Friday, today, 7/19/19. I even sent a follow up email and called and he stated that he did receive the email and that we were on target. I called yesterday for the tracking number and was told that Mr.Malken would not be in until tomorrow, 7/19/19. When I called today, i was advised that he wouldn’t be in until 1pm-when I called at 1pm, told he would npot be in until Monday and now I need to speak with Mr.Hamilton-when transferred they hung up on me. When I called back they stated that he would be in at 3pm-I even advised that i would contact my lawyer if I did not receive the refund. I finally made a formal complaint with Western Union today and I also will be seeing my local police dept today-I am out of $1,636.71

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