Joshua –

Victim Location 28303

Type of a scam Other

I did an internet search for chihuahua puppies for sale in NC. This website appeared. I completed an inquiry form. I received an email back and became suspicious due to the lack of proper grammar used in the email. I called the number and the man said he was french, I would have said mexican but that does not matter. I did further research and found the petscam website. If found several other sites that start with "royal". The price of the puppy is too low for an AKC registered puppy. Puppies do not come chipped. Nor is it possible to train (other than rudimentary housebreaking) an 8 week old puppy. The images provided were clearly professional images. I did try to look them up on with no luck. I also tried finding them on the AKC website as a breeder and no luck there either. When I did a search on the phone number I came across the petscam website and I guess they used the same number to sell dachshunds.

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