Royal Sphynx Kittens

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 19426

Total money lost $1,360

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had been in contact with the "Breeder" for a month explaining how we recently lost our 18 year old cat and that my 3 young daughters (8,6, and 4) were devastated. I explained that we adopted a lost kitten on christmas eve to bring some joy into the home since they were so devastated about their pet rascal passing away. The cat we adopted passed away and my daughters found him a week later. Apparently he had a heart condition that was not known initially. So when I found this site I was so excited because I researched and found that these types of breeds live long and are very active and fun. I explained to the "breeder" that I would come up with the funds but had to sell some of my purses to get enough money to purchase the kittens and everything we would need for them. Once the final payment was sent (after I sold belongings and worked overtime) I never heard back from them again. My daughters were once again devastated and now I am out 2000 after the loss of the kitten price, cat food, cat shampoo, a cat tree, and clothes since the cats were said to be hairless which I thought would be great for my daughters asthma. Absolutely devastating

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