Royal Shiba Inu Puppy

Peter – Feb 28, 2020

Victim Location 19081

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

through google search popped up for what i was looking for "shiba in puppies for sale". I clicked on the site and browsed the puppies that were for sale. I fell in love with one "Sasha". the site has a phone number you can call to talk to paul, call that number and they don’t answer. so then i go to the next way to contact them. fill out the contact page and than someone from the company emails me. we email back and forth from this point on. the price and shipping is basic and normal, fastest way to pay for the puppy is through cash app. so i try to send money to $tobezzy, 800.00, which will not go through. $tobezzy requests the money from me (from his request i see his name is Tobias). the money won’t go through so he asks me to send it to $tammychampion (same as her name), money still won’t go. so I am asked to send money via western union. At this point red flags should have been blazing in my face, but i was in love with this puppy and that blinded me from what was happening. so i send money to yet another name (Rashanarda Coleman) in Georgia. money is picked up. Now we go through the process of getting her to me. Tobias takes the puppy to a shipment place that he "uses all the time". when he claims he is there the company is telling him that they need to send puppy in a special thermal crate, this is required and highly recommended. this part has been filed under another report made in connection to this part of the scam. star pet animal relocators sends me an email explaining why this is needed and then prices for the crates (range between 900-1200). back to tobias i message him that this is crazy, why such a huge price, etc. he urges me to pay it.. both him and star pets assures me the money is paid back in cash once the puppy is delivered to me. *someone please smack me in the face* i finally agree to pay 800 and tobias would put up the 400. i ask to pay with a credit card, can’t do that for some can only be paid fully by tobias. ok stupid me send the 800, it has to be broken up to 600 and then 200 because it won’t go through in full. so both amounts are send via cash app to tammy champion. the crate supposedly is paid and now the dog will be on her way. i deal with star pets for this part of the scam (they are reported in another report).the puppy is sent (suspiciously) on two flights, with a layover in Dallas. once she is at the airport star pets emails me that they can’t fly her to philadelphia unless i pay 1375.00 for life pet travel insurance. they quote this as "USDA" guidelines requirement. this is where i draw the line and refuse to pay. Now back to tobias, i update him, he is confused and concerned for the puppy. he urges me to pay the money, which now i know would have to go to him, and will supposedly pay the insurance with the money and then the dog will be on her way. I am not convinced, yet that he is scamming me. back and forth we email, i refuse to pay, he thinks we could raise the money somehow. not happening. I research through the airport, airline, USDA and find out that the insurance is not required and a scam. I am definitely not paying it. Tobias continues to urge me to pay. I finally say to please just refund me the money. he replies ok, I am still waiting for the money. but i know it is gone and that the puppy may have never even existed. stay far away from royal shiba inu puppy, they take your money and never send the puppy to you, because they blame me for not paying the insurance (another part of their scam).

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