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Gregory – Feb 14, 2021

Purchased a puppy (Kira) at Paid $920. Thank goodness I sent the tracking information to my parents who noticed it could be a scam. When I received an email from the Royal Pet Logistics Delivery Service I knew it was fraud. I emailed the breeder and asked them to resend the link to their website. They responded and let me know what they received a call from the delivery service and that they sent me some emails. At that point I knew they were involved too. I kindly stated that I had heard that the Royal Pet Logistics Company was scamming people with emails like this and that I was unwilling to pay the money because I heard it was never refunded. I stated that if there was an issue with shipping Kira because of this to please refund my $920 dollars. I never heard from them again. If this happens to you please know you can dispute it with your bank. A refund is not guaranteed but at least you did everything you could. I hope no one else has to experience this! So heartbreaking to be without money and without a dog 🙁

Jonathan – Nov 30, 2020

I paid for a Doberman Pincher puppy named “Jack” from for 920.00. Then the Royal Pet Logistics shipping sent an email stating they needed 1500.00 for life insurance on the puppy but would be refunded back once puppy got delivered. Thank goodness I found this and did not pay the 1500.00. They told me that I would be turned in for animal cruelty and animal abandonment. Wow! And now i’m out 920.00 and a Christmas gift for my 4 children. I just don’t understand people.

Alison – Aug 19, 2020

All these sound too familiar. The same thing happened to us, first a purchase from a breeder Delmont.( Jean Billy) Then the royal pet logistics criminals wanted $1500 for refundable insurance, they looked legit. So we sent it to a Monica Parker, then they came back with vaccine requirements and we said enough. Out $2400 anyone get money back?

Raul – Aug 12, 2020

Paid for a Doberman pup from [email protected] for $920 delivery included. Then royal pet logistics contacted us asking for a refundable $1500. When asked why this was not mentioned at purchase of puppy he said it was a new policy and we needed to contact breeder who long behold doesn’t answer our calls. The sellers name was Anthony Thomas 6318 gladwell dr in Houston Texas.

Christian – Jul 18, 2020

After being scammed by the breeder our puppy was supposedly being shipped to us by this fraud at Royal Pet Logistics. How do you run a business when you don’t answer your phone? Finally we receive an email stating we have to pay $1500 for refundable travel insurance. Will be refunded upon delivery. Like [censored], paid it. Few hours later receive another email stating our puppy can’t fly without some shot that my vet said is unnecessary. Once I advised him of this is when fun started. This guy became very combative, kept telling me not to tell him hiw to do his job and if we don’t pay then the puppy will be given to shelter so a responsible owner can adopt him. People like this are the [censored] of the earth and sincerely hope no other families have to go thru this. $2500 lesson learned

Marie – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 99004

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were attempting to purchase a puppy online. Were told that the puppy would be transported to us via plane. Company states we need to pay 1500.00 cash for insurance and will be reimbursed once delivered, otherwise the puppy is stuck at the airport.

Brian – Jun 18, 2020

Same for us. Not sure what to do. What did you do? Any recommendations of how to get a money back?

Monica – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 80013

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Paid money for a puppy to be shipped. Won’t answer calls or return calls. Keep giving me a run around answer

Frank – Jun 18, 2020

Did you get a puppy? What happen? Thanks!

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  1. Same thing happen to us my son purchased a bull terrier for $900 and $100 to fly it to us .
    I didn’t get involved until he texted me and and asked to pay the $1498.00 fee to transport the dog and it would be refunded so I went to western union sent the money plus extra $65.00 to processed the payment.After letting them know that I sent the money about a half an hour later they text me and said the dog couldn’t be sent because it needed proper shots I told them to send me my money back for the transportation and that the breeder promised us that the dog had all its proper shots after that I started realizing I think I got scammed and then I got another email saying I was going to be prosecuted and the dog was going to be sent to a shelter.

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