Royal HealthCare

Mark –

Victim Location 38023

Type of a scam Employment

They have job set up on through KnoxHouses. The job was for a Front Desk Assistant in Millington, TN. You put all of your info in at the job site and then you set up an account. They will reach out to you if you fit the profile. I was emailed later on that day about I have been accepted for an interview. The email was in big bold letters, words were not spelled correctly, and they wanted to interview me through google hangouts. That is when I suspected something was not right. I went through with the interview to see what it was about. I messaged him and he told about the company Royal HealthCare and basically copied everything from the website’s "about us" page. He said the reason they are doing interviews online is because they are still setting up locations. He asked me a series of 16 interview questions and then basically repeated questions like what is your name, phone number, address, and bank name. I had previously given him answers to these questions before. So i did not understand why he needed them again. His google hangout name is James Walker and the email he used is [email protected] He claims he is a HR Manager for this company.

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