Royal Crwon Maltese Home

Tonya –

Victim Location 18504

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I came across this website looking for a Maltese pup. I submitted on the website for more information to possibly purchase. Someone text me back saying the cost was $650 which was extremely cheap for this type of pup. Shipping was free and was supposed to be right to my door. I asked to speak with the "breeder" on the phone and asked a few more questions. The person didn’t speak good English and the website also had poor grammar. I just started to get a bad feeling when they wanted me to send a MoneyGram rather than use PayPal or some other traceable method of payment. So I started to research them online and couldn’t find any bad reviews. I decided to call AKC and while on the phone with them they looked at the website and advised me it was a scam. I also came across the "How To Spot a Puppy Scam" with my search and was glad I did because it led me to this page where I could submit and try to help others avoid being taken by this scammer.

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