Royal cargo inc

Isaac – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 10941

Total money lost $1,300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a Pomeranian puppy since long time ago but the price is really high, so I found on Instagram a profile that said @homesdogpuppies and I see the puppy I was looking for, I sended a Dm ( direct message) and I asked for the price, she responsed to me quickly and give me a lower price $1200, plus $100 for shipping I think by myself that was a nice deal I thought, so that she sended me if I’m interested in the puppy I have to hurry up because to many people asking for the puppy, I said ok I like the puppy I will buy it, Before this I saw in her profile too many beautiful puppies and she was posting in her Instagram story people receiving the puppy by the freighter so that was why I trusted little bit in her page. So she asked me for send the money through cashapp so in this app she have other name Lakeisha Carr, I don’t know how this part weren’t suspicious for me. After the payment, I sended my information like full name, address and phone number, next day she sended a message that she was in the freighter and she need my email and everything was done, she text the tracking ID that said the puppy would be at home in 2 days, when I wrote the tracking ID in the alleged web my personal information was there and just was her name that she have in Instagram and the state of Maryland that’s it. I started figuring that something was wrong because the freight agency that supposed to send me the puppy looks weird like not to much info, no phone number or customer service number, when I google the agency name don’t appear just other company with likly the same name, so a day before I was supposed to receive the puppy I get a call from this freight company that they need a insurance deposit for the puppy $1500 and when they bring me the puppy to home they gonna re found me the money back. I text her and ask for her phone number because I need to speak with her and she said that her phone have problems, yeah right! So Right now I lost my $1200 dollars that already pay for the puppy, my kids are so sad, the puppy was supposed to be my daughter’s birthday gift and I feel like an [censored] the freight agency still want me to pay for the insurance deposit and I know that the puppy even not exist.

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