Roy Family yourkies pups

Christian –

Victim Location 79904

Total money lost $480

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went on the internet back late Sept. I don’t normally go to the website I was looking for a yorkies tiny tea cup pup. I saw this site which is the one I use,it had what I though was a legalize site it had pictures of puppies which were tea cups yorker terries pups for which I had never seen this site before so I answered it had 4 pictures of terries pups ranging from ages 9wks to 12 wks. so I went to the home page which told you about them .They backed there sales buy 100% so I went with one which was only 12wks old all of them were alike 2females 3males I didn’t want a female so I took the male who we called charlie. I went to the next page which ask for which pup would you like to know about this is when it ask for all your imformation, your name, address, phone #, email account and so fore and they take it from there. This went on until Dec. that is when I sent the 480.00

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