Roxy Co. Paris

Javier –

Victim Location 98122

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I originally saw an ad on Facebook for an inflatable water toy website having some big sale. I clicked on it and crazy, their floaties were $0, all you had to pay was for shipping the item. It was only $15 so I figured, why not, there’s a Very small chance it’s legit. Apparently, that was supposed to be a one-day sale. Well, the next day, I checked their website, still said the same thing. Eventually, their website went back to the "normal" prices of floaties, $200-$400 for the big ones and I believe around $80 for the smaller ones, which is the price I would expect them to be. I got an email saying my order had been shipped. Once I went to the page to check, it just gave me this 2-4 week date range and said: "it’s on the way". Well, I waited until that date range had passed, then the day after it said basically "oh sorry, we’re having delays because so many people bought during the blowout sale" and the date range increased by 20 days. I went to check the website of the fake order status the other day and guess what, the website doesn’t work anymore. It says "Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?

This shop is unavailable

What can I do?

Press the back button on your browser.

Return to the previous page.

Request ID: 28878660-962e-41f0-9bd5-8b8b2"

Also, their Facebook page has been down for quite a while as well. So they are for sure a scammer.

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