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Type of a scam Employment

This is a deal too good to be true. $35/hr for Executive Assistant for individuals with minimal experience? Sure, I need that and willing to work hard for it, but I believe this is a scam and asking an inquiry be made. I am not completely positive it is a scam. This business and the people associated are suspect. I have been given two separate CEO names within a couple of months in regards to a position I applied to over six months ago on CareerBuilder. The website is of poor quality and no content past a sole phone number and the name of the company. The only source of contact is email via job sites, emails that do not reflect professionalism or the "CEOs" names, and maybe a phone conversation. A conversation about immediately working without a face-to-face or Skype interview and an allergic reaction to discussing more about what the company is and who they represent. I never followed through, but this is a warning if something feels off, it might not be good. If I’m wrong and they have a hectic work schedule, then best of luck and try not to scare future potential employees.

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