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Ashlee –

Victim Location 43147

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Thankfully, I only provided my name, address, phone number and e-mail to this site in order to set up what I thought was an account. My purpose was to purchase a rowing machine (Concept 2 D) at a good price. They are listing Concept 2 Models D and E at a 25% discount (too good to be true). When I originally set up my account with a password, I received a message back stating that I would receive a confirmation e-mail. That did not happen, so I decided to log-in to see if the account would work…. it did. But because I did not receive a confirmation e-mail about setting up the account, I decided to do some checking. I noticed after reading the "About Us" description at the bottom of the page that it was filled with errors. I then searched for the company using the address that was on the website. It supposedly belongs to a Portable Generator Company (though I am pretty sure that is a fraud as well). I then found a notice posted by the Concept 2 Company on its site and its Facebook page that is a fraud. Concept 2 has received notification from customers that it is a fraud. Thankfully, I did not make a purchase.

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