Rovik IT Support LLC

Eduardo –

Victim Location 95637

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 9/20/2019 at about 4:20 P.M I received a call on my Cell Phone about my Facebook account being compromised. I said I don’t have a Facebook Account and want it removed! He stated that he could do that; then he asked me to start my computer and he (Adam Smith) went into it and said that I had major virus from China (He showed it on my lap-top comport screen) and said when last time you had a technician clean-up your computer? I stated at least 2 years; and the computer is running very slow due to the bad virus in there. So he asked to clean it up; so he put his technician Rick Taylor on the computer start a clean-up process and update Microsoft programs,etc. that appeared outdated. I watched him make changes on the computer screen by watching the "mouse arrow" move around and click things on and off, etc. This session went on for about 2 1/2 hours, then Adam Smith came back

to the cell phone to discuss a warranty of 4 or 6 years protection to stop these entries of virus.

$1,550 for 4 years or 2,1250 for 6 years. I said that I was 86 years old and was short of money right now and also I`m 86 so maybe I should only do 4 years and could you allow me a payment schedule? He said no; but he said I`ll allow $1,550 for 6 years and you write a check tonight dated 9/20/2019 for $775 and another check dated 11/05/2019 for $775 with both checks "pay to the order: Rovik IT PC Support" and put BOTH check in the US Mail this coming Monday 9/23/2019 with only the address: "7118 Grand Valley Street, San Antonio, TX 78242". I asked should,nt I put the name: "Rovik IT PC Support" also? He no!!

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