Caroline –

Victim Location 78759

Total money lost $9

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went to this site last night looking for a quick opening at a local campground.

The site led me through a maze of registration as though I was going to get that

reservation, but when it was time to click, it claimed I wouldn’t know for 24 hours.

Well, I really needed to get a campsite, and so I kept calling. Someone else called

me 3 hours before the notice came in from this site, and they already posted and

got approved the full amount of $34.xx for this transaction. I couldn’t cancel.

The owner of the property couldn’t help me either. Supposedly the company

finally said they would partially refund the charge of $26.00, but keep what

they call is a platform fee of $8.xx. They made money from doing absolutely

nothing for me. All they did is rip me off for the mistake. I wasn’t even asked if

I wanted to still keep the reservation. They just did it.

And they were very sinister in their claim to take at least some money from

the transaction.

Their IP is

They have 3 different domains emanating from this server. 🙁, LLC

IANA ID: 146


Whois Server:

They also use as their hosting service. Those are VM’s(virtual machines)

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